Hello, my name is Leisha-Mae and Mr. Pretty Eyes, is my boyfriend, EJ.

Based out of Las Vegas, NV - we are just a fun-loving couple that loves travel and adventure. Anything new and exciting - invite us - and we're probably down! 

When we started traveling together we would take a ton of pictures (just like everyone in the world does) but would post a pic or two onto social media while the rest of the beauty would be lost into old files - never to be seen again. 

Since then we began to record our trips and at the conclusion of each trip, we'd slap on some music and BAM, we'd create a travel video... which ultimately served as our virtual scrapbook. We then loaded it onto YouTube to share our adventures with our family and friends. These are great to watch and we've had amazing feedback in regards to the videos, however it still doesn't help our problem with our forgotten photos.

Not to mention, since I've started making these videos, I've had an endless amount of questions about our travels as far as where to go, what to eat, the most affordable route... the list goes on. 

Now queue this blog... This is now our go-to for all things travel. Here you will find our YouTube videos, our travel pictures, our Instagram accounts, our travel itineraries, and our travel tips and tricks. 

Above all, if you are reading this we hope our blog serves as an inspiration for you to get up, to get out and to explore and experience the world for yourself. 

And don't wait until tomorrow to live your dreams... 



Leisha-Mae and EJ