So while Palawan is known for their scenic views and touring the beautiful islands… Boracay is where you go for fun and adventure! You can do anything here from ATVing, eating crazy street food, helmet diving and great night life!

This little island is very unique to get to as your little plane lands on one island and you get a boat that shuttles you to Boracay where you then take a little tuk-tuk into the town. We stayed at an amazing AirBNB in Station 2, on the opposite side of the touristy beach. Which was perfect because it was private, secluded and quiet but only a 5 minute walk to the tourist area.

To be completely honest, we did not plan anything out prior to arriving in Boracay and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The only thing that I knew that I wanted to try was the helmet diving… so that was the first on our bucket list. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous being in the open ocean with such a heavy helmet holding me down but it was such a cool experience… kinda made you feel like a fish in a fish bowl, lol.

After helmet diving we then went onto the “Flying Fish” which is a huge inflatable pulled by a speed boat that launches you over wakes and HIGH into the air, slamming you back onto the water to catch another wake. Basically you hold on for dear life and ride it like you would a mechanical (or a real) bull. Really though, for me it was really fun but I would HIGHLY recommend wearing board shorts or water pants or something, because coming down onto the inflatable after being launched into the air does bring some serious rubbing and a lot of chafing haha. Because of that, this is the only reason why this isn’t at the top of m must do list.

Now, the ATV’s however, were a TON of fun for me! This was a guided ATV ride where everyone had their own ATV’s and we rode around Station 1 of Boracay while making a few pit stops to take in the view and hang out. One of our favorites was stopping at Puka Beach, here we checked out some of the rock formations, hung out and took a dip in the water. I love riding ATV’s so this was right up my alley.

Unfortunately, one thing that EJ was looking forward to the most while we were in Boracay was fishing out in the ocean, as when he went out for the day on the fishing boat, they were sent back in because of the sudden Typhoon that was near. Just to be clear, the typhoon did not hit the island and everyone was safe… however, at the time a ton of flights were cancelled, the water got pretty rough and there was heavy rain for the day.

But luckily there were a lot of things to explore on the island such as the unique restaurants, the hookah lounges with the awesome belly/fire dancers and all the street food.

Speaking of street food… of course, you can leave it to EJ to try all the weird things in every country that we go to… this one however I could not stomach… but have you ever heard of balut? Well its a filipino delicacy… which is basically an unhatched bird and you eat it out of the shell… Check out the picture below to see EJ’s reaction to eating it. Haha, to be honest tho, that was his initial first try of balut and he actually did like it and bought another one and ate it twice. I still have yet to try it though, I just can’t. lol.



Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.48.52 PM.png
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