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YAY! English! We can finally understand people here! Although, we love roughing it and figuring out how to communicate with people in all countries, it’s almost like a breath of fresh air to be able to easily communicate and have full conversations with people, lol.


  • IBIS Styles Manchester Portland Hotel

    • This hotel had a perfect location to everything! It was very centralized for food, bars, and attractions. Everything was just a few minutes (walking distance) away. If you are ever looking to book a place in Manchester, I would highly recommend looking for a place around here, just below the Northern Quarter.

    • Not only was this hotel a great location but the interior is so fun and amazing! The Hotel itself is nice and clean, they let you sleep in before knocking to come in and clean your room. Loved staying here and would highly recommend it!


  • British Pound

  • Like the Euro, the Pound is a little stronger than our US Dollar, however we found that in Manchester things seemed fairly reasonable with the prices. In fact prices often seemed like it was cheap, however after doing the conversion to our USD everything was generally the same price as it would be in the US. So you can make this trip fairly affordable.

  • Also, I found that carrying a coin purse was very useful, as much of the Pounds are coins.

What to eat:

  • Although there are many British bars and restaurants in the area, there are also a vats amount of international restaurants as well, anywhere from Mexican food, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, German, etc… we really couldn’t pick a favorite here.

  • However, when it comes to specialty cocktails, I highly recommend looking up places that serve specialty drinks. One of our favorites was a secret bar called The Wash House. It was such a fun experience and the drinks were so unique and delicious!

Do's and Don'ts

  • Remember where you are!!! They drive on the opposite side of the road here! So make sure that you’re looking to the RIGHT and then the LEFT! This is definitely something that takes some getting used to but we have faith in you!

    • Here’s some pedestrian life hacks for you to keep in mind when walking in the UK.

      • At the cross walk you’ll notice that the walk sign is going to either be on your left or right hand sign (instead of straight ahead like it is in the US)… with that said, which ever side that the crosswalk sign is on, is the side that the cars will be driving from!

      • If all else fails and you’re still confused, look to the left, right, front , back, diagonal, up, down and everywhere to make sure that the coast is clear.


  • Walk. Everything is walking distance, its awesome and worth the scenery.

  • They do have the double decker busses everywhere which I’ve head is very affordable however I could not tell you how it is exactly as we did not use any of them.

  • UBER is exists here!!! I definitely would recommend taking an UBER as it is a lot more affordable than a TAXI, however we did find that it was hard to get an UBER to commit to picking us up at the airport. So we did end up taking a Taxi to our hotel, but when in Manchester we did use an UBER to get to a few further locations.

Mobile Apps Used:

  • Apple Maps: (I know, I know... Ej didn't like that I used this either, but it really does work pretty well for me in each country I go to, so...)

    • Side note about Apple Maps: I generally like to put in the destination location, I click on directions and I DO NOT hit go. If you have some sort of sense of direction, I have found that it is easier to follow as it still gives you enough information to follow the map as well as the train station stops, toward your destination.

  • Yelp and Trip Advisor:

    • We used both of these apps a lot when looking up places to eat, to drink, to shop and for activities.

Helpful tips

  • Although our service does work herein the UK, we did purchase the week of fast data (with Sprint) so that we had better access to our phones.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, possibly even some rain boots depending on the time of year you visit.

  • Have a coin purse

  • Bring an external battery

  • Bring your go pro/phone/camera (take lots of pics!!)

Basic British Phrases:

They speak English, so if you’re reading this right now and you’ve gotten all the way to the bottom of this page… I’m assuming you also speak English. If that is the case, you’ll be fine. At times it may be a bit hard to under stand a few of these Britt’s but really, you’re good.