For all you meat lovers out there... if you had the chance, would't you want to take the opportunity to eat Kobe beef in Kobe, Japan? This was something that we all were constantly talking about. We had already experienced the amazing-ness of Kobe beef  in Tokyo and Osaka but it was on our Japan Bucket list to eat Kobe in Kobe. 

In Kobe, we did a lot of walking around the city. There were little pop up shops for food everywhere. This is where we found some amazing Kobe. We also stopped and ate Tempura, went into China town (which was packed with people) and experienced some of the food there. 

Unfortunately, the day that we had planned to venture into Kobe, was the day after a very, VERY long (but fun) night of Karaoke-ing on Dotonburi Street in Osaka. So we were pretty freakin' hungover. Because of our hangover we didn't get to fully experience everything that Kobe had to offer. But really we just wanted to eat Kobe in Kobe anyway... so we did.



Create your own Kobe experience and click on links for more info. 



Walking around in Kobe eventually led us to finding China Town which was insanely packed with people! It was so crazy to believe that we were still in Japan. We have yet to visit China but the vibe of this little area is what we would picture China to be like!

Nonetheless, the Chinese food here was amazing! lol.



Food is literally all we look for when in Japan. I can’t tell you what the name of these places are but that goodness none of us have any allergies as we ate anything and everything we saw. And we weren’t mad about it.



We honestly were so hungover this day that all we wanted to do was stay in our AirBNB and sleep. But it was our friend Julz and Kelsey’s last day in Japan and we had planned that we were going to eat Kobe Beef in Kobe, Japan.

Although it took us everything to get out of bed and get there. We did it. We ate it. And it was GREAT!