To be honest, Manchester is not somewhere that I really even wanted to go. However, with that said, I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed the city. I honestly love any city that we can easily walk around and explore, especially when I’m too nervous to drive not only in a different country, but on the opposite side of the road from what I’m used to.

One thing about Manchester that I’d always heard about was that it is dirty. But really, if you’ve been to New York, it isn’t all that different, lol. It really isn’t THAT bad. Not to mention all the people that we’ve encountered have been so nice, friendly and very helpful! It’s also kinda funny how everyone here is so fascinated by OUR accent, when I’ve always been so intrigued by theirs!

So if you are ever in the UK and just passing through, I would definitely recommend making a pitstop in Manchester and enjoying some of the unique and fun things that the city has to offer!



Click on the links below to learn about each of our experiences!


This place was AMAZING! From the outside it is so deceiving and looks like a small little laundry mat with one unusually big washing machine. On the side you pick up the phone and call in, a few seconds later a bartender will come out of the big washing machine to let you into this beautiful cocktail lounge.

Not only did this have an amazing entrance but each of the handcrafted cocktails are DELICIOUS and extremely unusual! Bartenders here are extremely knowledgable and tell you the history of each drink and how it came about.

This was an amazing and one of a kind experience, which we HIGHLY recommend! If you do end up going, don’t forget to make a reservation!

If you make it here, try the breakfast one with the cereal! I can’t remember what it’s called, lol but just ask the bartender for that. They’ll know what you’re talking about. It was my favorite!


This was such a cute little indoor golf area complete with a bar and restaurant! Upon entering, you are each given one ball, one club and a score card to share. Along with this you have the choice of playing two different courses, the “fun” course of the “difficult” course. Being golfers and a tad bit competitive, we chose the difficult course, which actually was pretty hard but still so much fun! If you must know… I took a 13 on a hole which ended up costing me the game… so yeah, EJ won.


This is UK’s oldest public library dating all the way back to 1653! How impressive is that? Being in this library it literally felt like we stepped into the library from the Harry Potter series. It was still in such great shape for how long it’s been open.

Make note that entrance is free of charge but £3 is encouraged to help keep the tours running. Also, there is no reservation needed when going into Chetham’s Library however they do let groups in on the hour, every hour, from 10am - 4pm.

Fun Fact: Karl Marx used to study in this library! As I studied Psychology in college, I found this extremely interesting; especially since they let you sit in the same nook and table where he used to sit during his studies.



Escape Rooms. Have you ever been to one? Well this has been our second Escape Room experience and coincidentally with the same company but different city (the first time being at the location in Las Vegas).

We were lucky enough to walk up and play right away without having to wait. I don’t know why we forgot, but you should definitely make a reservation before going. If you forget to make a reservation and are not as lucky to walk in and get an escape room right away, they do have a full bar located inside that you can hang out at while you are waiting for your turn.

Anyhow, Escape Reality Manchester provided a number of options ranging from scary rooms, to escaping from Alcatraz, bank robberies, etc.

We chose to be bank robbers and we did not escape, lol… so, we obviously had to go back and redeem ourselves before we left Manchester, we did the Alcatraz room with is a harder room and successfully ESCAPED! :)


Looking for a cute and delicious brunch spot? Welp, Evelyn’s is where it’s at!

Evelyn’s has such a wide variety of food from breakfast, lunch, and dinner items - including everything in-between. They’re drink selection is almost as complex as their food menu.

I absolutely LOVED the “Blue”Latte. Since I’m getting over a little cold I got an extra shot of espresso added into it for the extra kick. It was perfect. Strong with a perfect blend of subtly sweet. It’s awesome. Definitely try it.

One item that we did not get (which I plan to if I ever get the chance to go back) is their rendition of pancakes, blended with ricotta cheese, topped with honey and blueberries on the side. I don’t even like pancakes but those looked amazing.




This is something that we were so impressed with! Primark is a HUGE three story building, mostly for women but a floor for men and children. The best thing about this is that it is great quality clothes for insanely cheap prices ranging from £5 to £25. We literally did not see anything that was more than £25. Seriously, amazing.

If you aren’t trying to ball on a budget, there is a huge mall just across the street with most everything you can imagine, ranging from H&M to Louis Vuitton. All located in the North Quarter, you can find anything your heart desires - well more like anything you'r wallet can afford, haha.