The city of love.

Well, this wasn’t really that kind of trip for us this time around as we were here for work (EJ’s job). Anyone who travels for work, you’ll know that it generally is not all glitz and glamour as it may seem. However, if you use your time wisely (and have the energy for it,) it is very possible to enjoy the sites in your spare time. Which is what we tried to do. We didn’t get to do as much as we would’ve hoped in this amazing city… but I’m sure we’ll be back soon enough to experience a little more :)

So this was EJ’s first time in Paris and my second however, I was 13 or 14 years old the last time I was here (nearly 17 years ago) so I definitely was able to enjoy the city a little differently than I did when I was a young teen.

EJ isn’t a huge fan of museums and when I came to Paris the first time, I did all of the tourist attractions and museums such as walking into the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed the view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, explored the inside of the Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, Sainte Chapelle, Musée d’Orsay, and I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting. (Side note - these are some of the main attractions that you should make note of and visit if you do want to explore the history of Paris). Anyhow, because of this we decided against going inside any of these places and just checked them our by riding around the city on our motorized scooters that we picked up off the streets with our LIME and BIRD app.

I thought that (The Louvre) was a really nice Apple Store. - lol, my funny boyfriend.

All about Le Derrière

Other than site seeing, we did go out to some AMAZING restaurants that are definitely worth checking out! But the one I was OBSESSED with, Le Derrière. I don’t even know where to start with this restaurant. Basically, this is a local secret, when you pull up to the restaurant, there is no sign, just a big black door… when you enter through the doors, you will walk into the cutest little courtyard which almost feels as though you are entering into someones home. Straight ahead, you walk into the restaurant which is the cutest, homely little boho/hipster restaurant, with a ping pong table right in the middle. Because we had a bigger party we had reserved the Private Dining Room (PDR) area, which is located in its own little “guest house” right outside of the main restaurant in the courtyard.

This PDR was insanely unique, set up just like a guesthouse, it is two stories… the bottom floor is the dining room, set up to fit about 10 people (maybe a little more depending on the size of your guests. We were with a bunch of big guys and little ol’ me, and we fit 9 comfortably). Anyways… when you go upstairs of the guesthouse, you find a bedroom… literally the entire upstairs is set up with a bed, a tv with a DVD player, a closet and its own bathroom with a bath tub, towels and everything. Get your mind out of the gutter… none of us use the bedroom, but it was nice to have our own restroom away from other people in the restaurant.

As this restaurant is meant to feel homely, they also serve their food family style… meaning if multiple people order the same entree, that dish will be served on a platter together, and you will scoop your portion onto your own plate. Which, I found to be such a cute concept!

Now, one of the best things about this restaurant was finding the secret game room! If you ever make it to this restaurant, make sure you check it out. To find it, go to the back left of the main restaurant and go up the stair case. At the top of the stairs walk down the left side of the hallway just past the restroom, you’ll find a mirrored book shelf at the end of the hallway. Open it. It will look like an empty book case but give the back of the case a good shove, and it will be a door that opens up to a secret hangout/game room with a foose ball table! Aside from all of this, the service is amazing and the restaurant is just too impressive to not talk about!


Anyway, with that said, I’m sorry in advance if you aren’t too impressed with our experiences section. But, I did include a little Paris Bucketlist section that you can check out, which includes places that I’d like to explore more next time we visit Paris.



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Ok, I understand that this (above) is not generally what you’re looking forward to when visiting Paris, unfortunately because this was mostly a work trip (and we were so far out of town,) we didn’t get to do too much… But! I’ve thrown in some fun things that you may want to check out while visiting this lovely city!