Okay, if you want to know anything about the city of Stuttgart, this might not be worth reading too much into since our Stuttgart experience was a little more specific. Keep in mind though, towards the bottom of the page, I will include some bucket list experiences for next time we visit Stuttgart, which may also be worth checking out for yourselves. :)

Now, back to regular programing… what I meant by our Stuttgart experience is a little more specific is that this was a quick trip for us. We came for one thing only, Oktoberfest! We we’re kind of on the fence about coming to Oktoberfest because we really wanted to visit Greece, but since Greece was having some hurricane action we decided to meet up with our friends for Oktoberfest instead. And we are SO happy that we did. I truly feel like if Oktoberfest isn’t something that you’ve ever really wanted to go to, you should try it, just once because the experience is completely different than I’d imagined it would be.

Here is a list of important things to remember before heading to your first Oktoberfest:

  • Venue is CASH ONLY

    • There are ATM’s at the entrance of the festival, foreign transaction fees are around $48.

  • OUTFITS: You don’t have to dress up in the traditional Bavarian outfits (I did, EJ did not - and we both equally had a lot of fun, haha).

    • But if you decide to dress up

      • Men wear lederhosen’s

      • Women can wear either a lederhosen or a dirndl

    • Where to find you dirndl

  • PRICING: Approximate break down of costs *prices are approximations and may change yearly and change dependent on venue.

    • Beer: €10 for a 1liter (large)

      • If you aren’t a huge fan of beer, you have the option of having them mix it with lemonade, which makes it very smooth to drink.

    • Food: depends on what you get, but they do provide anything from pretzels to pasta.

    • Entrance: into the festival is FREE

      • Tents however, are not. You must make a reservation in advance to reserve your spot in a tent (DO IT - its worth it!) Also prices vary.

    • Games: €1-5

    • Rides: €3-5

    • Snacks (peanuts and such): €1-5


Click the links below to learn more about each experience!