Aside from the typical travel essentials like clothes, shoes, and all that jazz we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 travel essentials that we carry with us in our luggage every time we go on a trip! The BEST part about this entire list is that we bought EVERYTHING off of Amazon - so not only are all of these products affordable but they are SO easy to purchase. Click on each picture to order one of your own!



When traveling to any foreign country, you may already know that you will need a universal adapter in order to charge your electronics. We have this BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter and it is absolutely amazing! Not only does it have a 92% conversion rate (meaning no frying your electronics) but it has 2 plugs and 4 USB ports, so you are able to charge multiple devices all at once! This is by far the BEST adapter we’ve EVER had and is probably the most important thing that we carry in our suitcase.


Who doesn’t use their phone for almost EVERYTHING nowadays? I know I do, whether it be keeping up on social media, looking up places to eat and stay, listen to music or the number 1 reason my phone battery always dies… getting directions to specific places. When traveling a portable charger is a MUST and will end up being your savior! As there are smaller portable chargers, we found that this one is amazing because of its ability to recharge your phone at least 10x!


Panasonic Lumix G7 - I take this camera EVERYWHERE. This is a great camera forth pictures and video; however, I’ve found that this camera is perfect for travel mainly because of its light weight. Just under $500 it is a mirrorless digital camera with a swivel touch screen. If you are confused on what kind of camera to purchase, I believe this to be a GREAT and inexpensive starter camera!


Now this is more of my preference than EJ’s but I absolutely love using packing blocks to keep my clothes organized. I have also found that by using packing blocks it helps me from over-packing because I only allow myself to only pack whatever amount of clothes fit into each specific block.

EJ isn’t a big fan of these particularly because his clothes are bigger and bulkier than mine, so the blocks are a little small for his clothes. That said, I think its perfect for girls!


This is another thing that I use for organization. Having a toiletry bag helps keep all of my bathroom products together and organized. I use this EVERY time I travel and just hang it up in each destination so that I don’t actually have to unpack anything from the toiletry bag.